The Berezan Shrimp Company is a Canadian owned and operated family business.  Passionate about protecting our earth’s natural ecosystems, our company has built the most technologically advanced land-based farm for seafood production and supply in the world, one that doesn’t impact our oceans (or our environment) at any stage of production.

We are located in Langley, B.C., which is 25 kilometers inland from the Pacific Ocean.  Designed to produce 100 metric tonnes of shrimp each year, our closed-containment farm is 100% sustainable and is a prototype for the future.

Our passionate, dynamic team is comprised of aquaculture professionals with world-class experience in marine biology, agriculture, aquaculture enterprise and supply chain logistics.

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What make us


Our shrimp are available fresh, mere hours after harvest. We control all the growing conditions the shrimp love, producing amazingly sweet tender shrimp! We like to call it the “Shrimp Spa”


The Berezan Shrimp Co. is a local family-operated business. Our shrimp are raised and farmed in our brand-new biosecure facility just outside Vancouver B.C. in the Lower Fraser Valley.


Our baby shrimp come from a government certified biosecure hatchery.  Our closed-containment water system consumes very little water each day and has no impact on the ecosystem around us.


More than 80% of the world’s ocean fisheries are at capacity or overfished. Our land-based farm has no impact on our local ocean or waterways. Each one of our dynamic team of biologists and farmers share the same passion of helping us create a quality seafood protein source for generations to come.

Berezan Shrimp is available for sale and in restaurants.

Here’s What People are

  • "Responsibly raised shrimp…I thank Berezan Shrimp for shooting high, growing these premium shrimp in a fully closed and sustainable way"

    Ned Bell executive chef and Canadian television personality on Cook Like a Chef, Its Just Food and Global B.C.
  • “Loved the Berezan shrimp, great flavor.  Very sweet up front and nice clean flavor all the way throughout.  We will be finding a home for them on our menu”

    Matt Nichols Chef/Owner - Restaurant 62
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