9 Pioneering Facts in Sustainable Shrimp Farming

 In Sustainable Seafood Chain
  1. 20 day old baby shrimp join Berezan Shrimp Farm from a certified hatchery
  2. Each batch makes their way through vertically stacked tanks (more than 100 tanks make-up the shrimp farm)
  3. Each batch of shrimp takes approximately three to four months to mature under controlled conditions
  4. 25 kilograms of shrimp can be grown using just one cubic meter of water
  5. Shrimp are grown using recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS)
  6. Water exchange is limited and biofiltration is used to reduce ammonia toxicity, followed by degassing and oxygenation.
  7. RAS reduces the need for fresh, clean water through recycling and maintains a healthy growing environment for shrimp.
  8. Small pulses of feed particles are sent continuously to each tank through an automated system.
  9. Shrimp feed includes mostly vegetable-based ingredients with a very small percentage of fishmeal and oils

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