We are an environmentally friendly, sustainable, non-ocean-impacting facility and each one of our dynamic team members has played a vital role in creating a company that can truly be proud of helping conserve our earth for our future generations.
Our shrimp are raised and farmed in our brand-new biosecure facility. Our facility has been designed to be protected from outside elements and potential contamination. Our shrimp pose no threat to nor interaction with native shrimp as our system is self-contained, inland and indoors. We do not use ocean-sourced water.
We perform twice-daily water quality and animal health checks. Traceability, transparency and accountability is safeguarded by our comprehensive systems recording our daily farming practices.

  • "Responsibly raised shrimp…I thank Berezan Shrimp for shooting high, growing these premium shrimp in a fully closed and sustainable way"

    Ned Bell executive chef and Canadian television personality on Cook Like a Chef, Its Just Food and Global B.C.
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