Berezan Shrimp: Safe, Traceable, Earth-Friendly

 In Sustainable Seafood Chain

Many traditional farms are simply unsustainable and do not incorporate responsible practices within their farming models. The most unsustainable and significant impact that these farms continue to practice is to simply drain their contaminated earthen ponds into native watersheds in order to continue harvesting. This contaminated water then negatively impacts native ecosystems, which causes local marine wildlife and wetlands to die off. Approximately 35% of the world’s mangroves have been tragically destroyed due to the traditional shrimp farming model. Additionally, as these traditional farms can not be acutely regulated, the lack of bio-security results in pathogen outbreaks, increased pesticide and antibiotic use, and crop failure.

Berezan Shrimp Company boasts the very first farm in the world to produce safe and traceable fresh shrimp that is available for purchase and consumption year round. Our revolutionary, vertical farm system is a a staggering four-stories and outperforms traditional shrimp farming by a factor of five. This sustainable system has no external impact to the environment outside of the farm’s walls and operates entirely chemical free.

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