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Four years ago, when we started on this quest into safe and sustainable shrimp farming, we made a list of what we wanted to do, why we wanted to do it and who would care.

● Locally Produced – our farm is located in beautiful Langley, BC and produces fresh shrimp year-round
● Sustainable – we receive certified baby shrimp each month with crop time being approximately four months
● Zero Environmental Impact – we are an indoor farm. We control all growing conditions. We clean and recirculate our tank water, maintaining optimal living conditions for our shrimp.
● Biosecure – our farm is governed by the UN-FAO’s Global Food Safety Initiative. We can trace all our crops from the time they arrive to the time of harvest.
● Safe Aquaculture Practices – everyone goes home at day’s end. We farm in hot humid temperature and at height. Our vertical farm is one of a kind. We recently received our Certificate of Recognition for Workplace Safety by AgSafe and WorkSafeBC.

Interested in purchasing our premium shrimp? Check our website for local retailers or buy directly from the farm!

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