Is Meat the New Fossil Fuel?

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We read this fantastic article on ImpactAlpha this past June and we can’t stop thinking about it!

Farmed fish are on pace to surpass wild-caught fish in the next two years. Aqua farms must become more sustainable, in particular in fish feed. Fish farms currently consume more ocean-caught fish as feed than they produce. Fish 2.0’s new “Innovation in Fish Feed” brief outlines the options. The growth of the “blue economy” as an investment theme is channeling more capital, partnerships, and celebrities into sustainable aquaculture.

We are proud that our shrimp are 100% sustainable, and our land-based farm has no impact on our local ocean or waterways. Eco-friendly, sustainable food is the way of the future, and we take our role in this movement very seriously!

You can read the full article “Is Meat the New Fossil Fuel” here.

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