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Berezan Shrimp Company incorporates a revolutionary, state of the art, bio-secure farming system that allows for us to trace each single crop of shrimp from arrival to harvest. We have been issued a Certificate of Compliance, which allows us to sell our shrimp for raw consumption (sushi grade). We are the only shrimp producers in North America to hold such a distinguished designation. From day one, the Berezan Shrimp Company business plan has been guided by the UN-FAO Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

Additionally, we have taken our safety to the next level by signing an annual contract with Mississippi State University (MSU) for our Animal Health Management Plan (AHMP). In our AHMP, we have bench-marked out optimal water quality, as well as base-lined our shrimp health. This guarantees that should we run into any issue, which is unlikely, we have a proactive plan in place to correct those issues immediately. MSU is the globally designated land-based aquaculture centre for disease control for the UN-FAO.

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