Pacific Whiteleg Shrimp: Fast Facts!

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Here’s a few fast facts about our Pacific Whiteleg Shrimp! 

  • We farm a Pacific Whiteleg Shrimp species, also known as Litopenaeus vannamei. This species is native to the Southwest Pacific Ocean with habitat spanning from Central America to South America.
  • There is another Pacific Whiteleg Shrimp species, also known as Litopenaeus stylirostris. This species habitat spans California to Peru.
  • Both of these species are warm-water.
  • Warm-water species are typically not sold live, as warm-water species do not do well with live-haul.
  • Pacific Whiteleg Shrimp mature quickly and can live up to one year.
  • The ocean floor is the wild natural habitat of mature Whiteleg Shrimp. They can survive in depths of up to a few hundred feet.
  • The open ocean is the natural habitat of wild, young larvae and juvenile shrimp live in estuaries until maturation.
  • Pacific Whiteleg Shrimp are among the most widely-consumed shrimp in the world.
  • The texture of Pacific Whiteleg Shrimp is tender and the taste when cooked is sweet and full of flavour.

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