Pacific Whiteleg Shrimp


Delicious Pacific Whiteleg Shrimp  (also known as white shrimp) fresh from the farm! Order below and select from our specified pickup times:

Pickup: Wednesday & Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 1-4pm
*Except Holidays

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Now you can order our premium Berezan Shrimp for pickup. You’ll be getting delicious Pacific Whiteleg Shrimp (also known as white shrimp) fresh from the farm! It’s as simple as ordering with a few clicks and showing up on your chosen pickup day to receive your fresh 100% closed-containment, biosecure inland shrimp! Our farm has zero impact on the native environment around us.

  • Pesticide-free
  • Hormone free
  • Antibiotic-free
  • PCB free
  • Microplastic free
  • 100% Fresh Organic (one of a select few producers in the world)

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1lbs of Shrimp, 2lbs of Shrimp, 5lbs of Shrimp, 10lbs of Shrimp, 25lbs of Shrimp

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