Revolutionized Farming: What, Why and Who!

 In Sustainable Seafood Chain

As our global population continues to rise, the aquaculture life within our oceans also needs to increase. Overfishing will decimate Mother Earth and we need to find alternatives.

What are we doing at Berezan Shrimp Company? We are leading the charge in pioneering an economically viable, land-based shrimp farm, which has no negative impacts – both socially and environmentally.

Why are we creating this? Our oceans today are being fished to capacity or overfished. We need land-based aquaculture in order to reduce and eliminate any global impact created by increasing demands for seafood.

Who should care? Everyone. Our oceans need to be protected and it will take a global effort. This may start with eliminating plastic use and consuming sustainably produced seafood.

We can all do our part and Berezan Shrimp Company is proud to be a dominant force in creating this necessary change.

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