Traceability in Farming

 In Sustainable Seafood Chain

Traceability is used to identify:

  • where a product is at any given time
  • where it has been prior to its current location
  • what was done to it along the way

Traceability, defined as the ability to know where a product has been from “egg to plate,” is commonly used in certification programs. Tracing farmed fish and seafood as they travel through the supply chain demonstrates to consumers, retailers, and export markets that the products being purchased come from aquaculture operations that operate in a safe and sustainable way. Traceability also contributes to seafood safety, especially when, for example, food inspectors are able to locate products to inform recalls in case of a health concern.

Through the International Standardization Organization (ISO) Fisheries and Aquaculture Committee, Canada has been involved in the development of new international standards to create a common global platform for documenting traceability.

Berezan Shrimp Company provides traceability in shrimp farming to the extreme, which is why our revolutionary farm is so well certified, managed and operated. 

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